More than a Dog Park we are a Dog Club....

Offering: Training Classes, Daycare, Socialization & Temperament Testing, Obedience, Off Leash Control, Exercise, Tracking, Fear & Aggression, Crate Manners, Schutzhund, Boarding, Dog Sports...

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    The Dog's Club

    Integrated: Park,Training, Daycare

    We offer practical training, socialization and exercise for dogs and their people. Our training classes, daycare, park, dog sports and boarding programs are all integrated in a homey, social, park atmosphere. Our obedience training takes place: off-leash, inside and outdoors, around dogs and people, preparing us and our dogs for actual home, park and dog sport scenarios. Instead of isolating dogs and drilling compulsive techniques, we provide dogs and people a warm, educational, social environment to grow in.
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    Canine & Handler Training

    Classes, Day & Boarding Training

    We realize that both dogs and owners need to be included in training plans. We introduce specific training in small easily digestable scenarios which owners can learn to apply in their own environment in a single easy lesson. All owners learn how to handle their dog, but each handler can choose exactly how much they care to learn about designing and implementing training plans. In addition to classes and boarding training we offer: specialty classes, park day training, K9 team training, private lessons, workshops, seminars and dog sports.
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    Dog Sports and K9

    DVG (Schutzhund) Club, K9...

    We support non professional clubs that enhance human, canine relationships and promote the use of dogs to benefit our community. Dog Clubs are in their infancy in the United States as compared to dog clubs in Europe. We are modeled after German dog clubs (see FAQs, Schutzhund, History) that offer: temperament testing, obedience, tracking and fear and aggression training in a dog sport which is fun, entertaining and can be pursued as a competitive sport.
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    Choosing a Dog

    German Shepherds, Working Dogs

    We urge dog purchasers to consider the large number of very enjoyable activities that can be pursued with a canine companion. Every individual dog and breed of dogs has specific levels of natural drives ( pack, prey & defense ) that genetically predispose it to certain activities. Working and herding breeds of dogs ( German Shepherds* ) posess a drive balance that frequently makes them easier and more enjoyable to train for multiple activities. Any dog can be tested to determine how much of each drive is present. The balance of these drives indicates which work a given dog may excell at.